Why tourists love holidays in Gelendzhik

Why tourists love holidays in Gelendzhik

One of the largest and most visited resort cities on the Black Sea coast is Gelendzhik. The local embankment is recognized as the longest in Russia. In summer, tens of thousands of people swim and sunbathe here, but a vacation in Gelendzhik in September is also possible, because the beginning of autumn is not called the velvet season for nothing.

In translation from the Turkic name of the city means "white bride". Perhaps it symbolizes the purity and virginity of the local places. Or Gelendzhik got such a nickname because of the snow-white buildings, shrouded in a green shawl of trees. Anyway, the name is very beautiful and was loved by residents and guests of the city.


There are not many vacationers in June, since this is the beginning of the season. The sea is relatively cool, but quite suitable for swimming (from 21 to 23 degrees Celsius). July and August are usually the hottest months, both in terms of air and water temperature, and relative to the number of tourists. The sea warms up to 28 °C.

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Summer vacation in Gelecik

In the last two months of summer, housing prices in the city are quite high. This is due to the huge influx of people who want to relax at the sea and high seasonal demand. The coastline stretches for 20 kilometers. This means that no matter how crowded the "white bride" is at this time, there is a place under the sun for you.


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Most of the beaches in the city are covered with pebbles, but there are also sandy ones. The city beach, strewn with sand, stretches for one and a half kilometers. There is everything you need for entertainment and satisfying thirst and hunger. Water attractions, cafeterias, peddlers of homemade cakes, beer, cocktails and much more.

Walking along the beaches, you can watch Gelendzhik holiday homes by the sea, seagulls flying overhead or parachutists.

Beach areas in Gelecik


At the beginning of the article, we already mentioned about a vacation in Gelendzhik in the autumn. In September, and often in October, the weather remains summer. It may be getting a little cooler, but this, on the contrary, is good, since you do not have to languish from the heat.

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There are fewer tourists in September and the following autumn months than in summer. This means that the beach will be freer, the sea cleaner, and in general: "Less people, more oxygen!". Do you agree?

Autumn vacation in Gelecik

Before going to rest at the sea, many people fill in search engines with queries related to a vacation in Gelendzhik in 2019. They are looking for reviews and tips from tourists who have previously vacationed here in order to choose the best accommodation option. This is the right approach, we approve! Check out the reviews about our hotel "Grace", which are published partly on the website and in full on Booking and TripAdvisor.