Entertainment for vacationers in Gelendzhik

Entertainment for vacationers in Gelendzhik

Gelendzhik is a place where both an adult and a child will find something to do. There are many quiet and extreme entertainment options to choose from. No matter in which recreation center of Gelendzhik on the seashore you are staying, you will not have time to be bored.

Let's talk first about the water attractions that attract many tourists. It's not just about catamarans, "bananas" or "pills". This category includes windsurfing, diving, parasailing and many other extreme sports.


The season for surfers here can last for six months. And this is facilitated not only by the beautiful weather, but also by an excellent combination of natural conditions. This is the open sea, and the bay, and frequent strong winds.

If anyone does not know, windsurfing involves controlling a board on the water with a sail installed on it. The lesson is not the easiest and requires certain skills, effort and self-control. Therefore, everyone who came to Gelendzhik for a vacation in August or any other month of summer or autumn can learn the skills of windsurfing at the school on Tolstoy Cape. Equipment rental is also available there.

Windsurfing in Gelecik


Those who have ever rested on the Black Sea have seen parachutists floating in the air, pulled by a boat or a jet ski. This type of sport or active recreation is called parasailing.

Tourists who are looking for information on the Internet about holidays in Gelendzhik in 2019 and relevant reviews should know that the parasailing service is very popular here. Therefore, fans of extreme entertainment and sea air will not remain idle.

Parasailing in Gelecik


What is diving? Most likely, you already know, but let's remind you. This is a dive into the underwater world with scuba diving. Admiring the seascapes and wildlife. If you have ever dived, you will never forget the feeling of weightlessness and delight.

On vacation in Gelendzhik, you will find not only sanatoriums and hotels, but also diving schools. Yes, there are some here. There, anyone who wants to feel like Cousteau will be able to master the necessary skills and get the appropriate knowledge. And for experienced divers, there are diving centers where you can organize a dive into the sea.

Diving in Gelecik


In this beautiful city there is not only the sea, but also the mountains. Therefore, extreme entertainment is not always associated with water. The service of jeeping, which means a trip on open SUVs to the mountains, is quite popular. Usually, UAZs or any other jeeps are used for such car trips.

If you do not know what to visit in Gelendzhik on vacation, be sure to go to the mountains. This can be a hiking trip or a trip by car. The main thing is that you will be able to diversify your vacation and admire the mountain scenery from a bird's-eye view.

Jeep vacation in Gelecik


Despite the large number of listed variations of active recreation for adults, there is also something for children in the city. There are 3 different water parks, children's towns on the embankment, parks and all kinds of attractions.

The best beaches of Gelendzhik for families with children are at your disposal! Sea bathing, sand castles, dolphinarium, safari park, aquarium and much more. The child will simply have no time to be bored, and you will not have to occupy him all day.

Holidays with children in Gelecik

Come to Gelendzhik together with your children, friends and relax for your own pleasure! If you do not know where to stay, book rooms at the hotel "Grace" using the contacts listed on our website or through the pages in social networks!